2. LTT Hareketliliği İtalya 2022

Description of the activity

It is a 5-day activity on communication skills and anger management skills planned for students under the leadership of Italy.

This activity includes students´ effective communication skills, which are seen as the basic condition of interpersonal conflicts and the constructive and peaceful resolution process of these conflicts, and the knowledge and skills necessary for people to effectively manage the destructive emotions experienced in the conflict process, considering that the most common emotion in interpersonal conflicts is anger or resentment. contains.

Under the leadership of VALERIA PROIETTO the training´s methodology consists of PPT presentations, interactive studies, drama / role play / simulation and games.

At the end of the training, teachers are expected to acquire the following gains;

Understands the importance of different perceptions and effective listening in the conflict resolution process.

Understands the importance of empathy in conflict resolution process.

Recognizes and expresses emotions.

Understands the other person´s feelings.

It develops self-control and anger management skills.

Recognize the reactions given in anger.

It provides anger control and manages the other person´s anger in the conflict resolution process. In addition;

Learn the basic mediation skills and techniques they can use in a mediation process,

Their ability to use them in this process will improve,

Students who experience various conflict problems in schools will gain the ability to solve their problems through reconciliation and agreement without resorting to verbal and physical violence.

In addition, this activity includes workshops for students and teachers to develop the necessary training, basic competences and skills with practical exercises to carry out Peer Mediation, aimed at evaluating the Unified Schools Project initiated against bullying in Italy in terms of good practices.

After the theoretical information provided by our Italian partner, it is aimed to increase the achievements and skill levels of our participants with regard to the development of Mediation with workshops and study visits that we will carry out with all our participants with the role play method.

How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?

The training to be carried out during the LTT activity will be videotaped and uploaded as e-learning lessons to the twinspace section of our project, which is carried out simultaneously in etwinning.

These videos will be watched by other teachers in the partner schools, and the teachers who are the partners of our eTwinning project and who are the partners of this project, who will be included in the education as leader mediators in their own schools, will be provided with the same level of education, and thus it is aimed to reach more schools.

In addition, the "online activity" tool in the eTwinning Activities tab will be used to ensure that students and teachers in partner schools who cannot participate in the mobility experience the first day welcoming excitement together and they will be included in the process.

Peace in Class Peace in School
2.LTT Hareketliliği İTALYA 2022